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By Anne-Britt Schenk, 09/15/20, 10:45AM MDT


TSSC Covid FAQ's



How are you going to do lunch? I know Telski will have limited seating? Will the kids be seated 6 feet apart? Eating outside?

We are eating in time slots (to keep numbers down and proper distance) in the lower clubhouse, upper clubhouse and outside. 

Telski is not doing any all-day programs to avoid lunch, if we have to go to ½ days for k-6 can you accommodate?

Yes,  but a full day is better for us as we can accommodate lunch. 

How will kids ride the chairlift? Solo?

Athletes may ride lifts with those who are in their group, but no one outside of their group. Masks on and masks on in all lift lines as well.  If anyone does not have a mask on in a lift line, covering their nose and mouth, they will be sent off the mountain.

Have you met with Grace Franklin, San Miguel County Health, to run your plans through her?

Covid plans for ski areas have not been released by Colorado, our county, or our ski resort yet.  Once they are, TSSC will be following those guidelines as well as our internal TSSC guidelines.  We will of course accept guidance and advice from San Miguel County Health.


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