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TSSC is a competitive ski club. A minimum of two years Ski School experience is a required prerequisite to joining. Athletes must be able to ski all the blue runs on the mountain comfortably (for team gravity) and all the black runs on the mountain aggressively for all other programs. Once athletes have basic skiing skills we coach them in a competitive environment in the discipline of their choice beginning in 4th Grade. 3rd Grade is a transition year, although the athlete will remain in our Gravity program during 3rd grade, coaching becomes more focused toward the discipline the young athletes are leaning toward.  For more information about each program, click the link below.



‘Level’ Name            

Includes **

Level 1

Saturdays Only

Level 2

Saturdays, Ski PE


Weekends Only


Weekends, Ski PE


Weekends, Ski PE, Early Release


REQUIRED LICENSES.  USSA Membership & Competitive Licenses (if applicable)

For Club and Athlete insurance purposes, all Athletes are required to have a current United States Ski & Snowboard Association (USSA) Membership.  Non-competing athletes and competitive Freeride Big Mtn, Freeski Park & Snowboard only need a general memberships.  

Competitive Discipline          

Club License

Competitive License

Alpine Ski Racing             

USSA general (included in comp license)          


Freestyle Moguls

USSA general (included in comp license)


Freeride Big Mtn.

USSA general


Freeski Park

USSA general



USSA general


Nordic X/C

USSA general (included in comp license)


Figure Skating membership



PLEASE NOTE USSA MEMBERSHIP REQUIRED*:  All Athletes need to have current USSA Membership, minimum participants level, if your child will be competing they will need a competitors license, and it will be checked.  

* Park, Freeski, Freeride, Freestyle & Snowboard require additional memberships and only a General USSA membership, please verify with your coach.

USSA membership here:

Learn to Skate Membership here:    (Click 'Become a Member', select 'Skater / Parent of a Skater').


Financial Aid information & application (for qualified families only)