As a community based 501 (c) (3) non-profit, like other Clubs, TSSC relies heavily on the generosity of many volunteers and friends who give countless hours to help with club-related fundraising, activities and events.

We cannot exist without the incredible support and dedication of our members and their families. Likewise, TSSC feels strongly that the greater the parental participation in various club activities, the better our program will be as well as a better experience for the children involved in these sports.

With this in mind, we ask that each family participate annually for ’20 points’ worth of help to the Club, or donate a tax deductible donation of $250 at season end (charged automatically to your account on April 1 each year if you do not complete the 20 points worth of volunteering). This charge will be pro-rated if you complete partial points.


Thank you! We greatly appreciate your help!

This is a standard program in most ski and snowboard clubs across the country.

  • 20 points per season or $250 donation per family (not per athlete), charged annually to your account on April 1st
  • Mandatory donation of $250 if credit hours are not completed by season end.
  • Families may earn back their deposit by helping at club-sponsored events, races, making food for meetings/banquets or helping out in the office
  • A work credit deposit is required of each family at the time of registration
  • The work credit “season” will run from April 1st – March 31st.
  • We would like to encourage that all athletes 14 years of age or over contribute at least 8 volunteer hours to the club to be credited to their service learning hours.
    1. Sign up on-line for your desired positions (emails will be sent out regularly for positions available throughout the season).\
    2. Check in with a Supervisor or Coach at the Event so they can ‘ok’ your hours for you.
    3. Hours will be ‘checked off’ on via the TSSC account after the event. You can log into your account and see where you stand at any time with your credit hours. For any questions, please email Headquarters at office@TSSC.org
    4. If you do not sign up on-line, we cannot guarantee you will be credited appropriately.

To receive credit for volunteering: